Southern Charm Posted September 30, 2014


To most innkeepers, chatting and getting to know your guests is the ABSOLUTE best part of the job. Our guests this morning are from The South and I (Linda) could have listened to them talk forever. Partly because they have interesting stories to tell about Cherokee genealogy, working in the oil fields in Texas, bluegrass music, their historic church in Birmingham, etc., and partly because Sylvia speaks with the same sweet, soft, southern accent that my Aunt Bea from Knoxville does. Ah, it was music to my ears!

We met their son Jeff who lives in Columbus and he is so gentlemanly, which he attributes to his southern upbringing. Today they plan to go to Franklin Park Conservatory, a ham radio parts store in Reynoldsburg from which Charlie regularly orders parts, and a bluegrass store in the Short North. I told them that when they return tonight, their room would be refreshed and their bed would be made up and ready for them to crash. Of course, Sylvia had already made her bed–not only that, they offered to do breakfast dishes. No way was that going to happen!

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